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Banking alternatives; Test, corporate loan comparison. The term overdraft facility is the commercial counterpart to a overdraft facility.

Corporate credit

Corporate credit

Loans cannot be granted in the case of open debt collection, attachment or loss note. Minimum balance: Maximum balance: Not specified. Minimum term: maximum term: not specified. Minimum sales: No information. Interest: The interest varies depending on creditworthiness, maturity and reference interest. Both variants with loan repayment and without loan repayment are possible. Prepayment: A prepayment is not included in the standard loan, but can be used in individual cases.

Credit rating decision: A credit rating decision is usually possible within 48 hours provided the documents are complete. Required documents: The last two years. Loan types are offered: General: The loan can be applied for and processed online.

Corporate credit Suitable for SME financing

Corporate credit Suitable for SME financing

If you want to make changes, invest or give new impulses, you need fresh money from time to time. In most cases, it is necessary to take out a loan to implement the projects. One of the most popular loans in this context is the corporate loan. For medium-sized entrepreneurs in particular, the corporate loan partially secures their livelihood.

In some cases it is necessary to get a loan approval as soon as possible, for example because an investment that can only be carried out for a limited period has to be made. That is why entrepreneurs rightly request a corresponding company loan today, so that a comparison of offers is important. How should the distinguishing features of corporate credit differ? All of these and other characteristics also distinguish between corporate loans, which are granted on the credit shelf of the SME financier.

In this case, the borrowers receive feedback within 48 hours and the offers are prepared by experts. Typical cases in which the corporate loan can be drawn on the credit shelf include, for example, the seasonal capital requirement, strong company growth, the use of discounts, the financing of equipment or the expansion of financial partners.

In the case of credit-side company loans, the borrower benefits, among other things, from the expansion of the financing scope, the rapid online processing, the favorable conditions and the possible reduction of the existing dependency on individual financial partners. The customer only has to submit the corresponding loan application for the respective property within a few moments. As a medium-sized financier, conditshelf has been based at the Frankfurt financial center since 2014 and offers its clients uncomplicated, quick and uncomplicated financing solutions.

The credit helpers consist of proven experts who are very familiar with SME financing. Can be used. A well-known example of an investigation published by the Credit Shelf is the Financing Monitor. A large number of medium-sized companies commented on the financial situation and their concerns here. The corporate loan is an optimal financial solution for a large number of medium-sized companies. Loan support for small and medium-sized businesses (SME finance creditshelf) gives borrowers the opportunity to use the right loan offer on reasonable terms.

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