Credit check now including credit comparison

Credit comparisons abound on the net, as providers for credit checks. Until a few weeks ago, however, neither was found together. Because Across Lender, one of the credit check providers, is now writing on both topics and now offers a direct credit comparison after the successful credit check. Taking out a loan needs to be carefully considered 

Two topics that belong together

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The credit comparison and the credit check are two topics that have always been closely related. The forthcoming taking out of a loan is after all the most common reason to check the creditworthiness and thus the chances of a loan approval in advance. If there are risks to the reliable repayment of the loan with regard to the creditworthiness of a person, banks either raise the interest rate or reject the loan entirely. This applies in particular to providers who offer incomparably low interest rates and rely on a low maximum interest rate or who generally offer a uniform fixed rate that is the same for every customer.

Long-term innovation

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Precisely because these topics belong together, it is surprising that a provider like Across Lender is only now coming up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintegrating the credit comparison into the credit check. According to the concept of a credit comparison, there is of course no real compass credit online credit, but after a successful comparison you are forwarded to the individual providers and conclude the loan agreement there. For Across Lender, the extended function is still a lucrative business even without a loan of its own, since commissions are usually paid out for placements that have been made and because users benefit from the merging of the two topics. Above all, the “Across Lender” brand builds trust and saves the search for another serious side with credit comparisons.

What do you have to consider when comparing loans?

money saving

Across Lender recommends the lowest interest rate in its loan comparison, which is also the main focus in a loan comparison. According to experts, it is not just a matter of low interest rates, but many other factors as well. Even with the generally very low interest rates that are currently changing the banking business, it is also important which term is chosen and how high the monthly installments are.

In other words, up to which limit you can afford the loan. It is equally important whether free special repayments or even complete repayments are granted and whether the contractual conditions are otherwise suitable. In addition, those interested in credit should consider the issue of residual debt insurance, which intervenes in the event that the borrower can no longer pay his installments. For example, because he has become unemployed. Loans should be as cheap as possible and have the most profitable side conditions to complete a good overall package. And if there is uncertainty about which provider to choose, it is helpful to read various reports on the Internet and to deal with the banks in advance.

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