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Nowadays, loans for proof are no longer as popular as in the first decade of the nineteenth century. Today, virtually all of us can use the services of loan companies, from which we receive money practically immediately. Many loan companies do not require income proof documents. All you need is your ID card, bank account and phone number.

Non-bank loans and payday loans are one of the most frequently chosen liabilities by people who are looking for a quick injection of cash. A simple ID loan is the easiest way to get money for any purpose.

Many companies offer short-term loans, usually available in the amount of USD 100 to 8,000 for a repayment period of up to 30 days. Virtually every company already offers the first loan for USD 0 in the amount of USD 100-3,000 for a repayment period of 30 days. Everyone who wants to take advantage of this loan must meet two basic conditions: you must be a new customer and pay back the loan on time.

Customers who borrow appreciate that the whole procedure for applying for payday loans is simple, quick and does not even require leaving home – the entire application process can be done online.

Are there still loans for proof?

Are there still loans for proof?

A proof loan is a very popular type of loan in our market. Since loans for evidence have come about, getting extra cash is quick and easy. The main advantage of such loans is the lack of certificates and an instant decision. To submit an application, data from an identity card is sufficient. And the money can be received the same day.

From year to year the amounts of loans for proof are getting higher, and this is also thanks to modern technology. Many loan companies use the application to quickly verify the client, while checking his financial situation. Proof loans include not only payday loans, but also installment loans and non-bank credit lines with a long repayment period.

Loans for proof also allow you to borrow from anywhere, all you need is a device with internet access. v Application rules are similar in most non-bank companies. The first step is to mark the loan amount and repayment period, and then move on to submitting the application. The length of the application depends on how the customer is verified. Companies using applications for quick verification usually have very short applications in which we provide basic personal data, personal identification number, and a series of proof.

On the other hand, companies that verify the customer by transfer usually need more information, including regarding income, monthly expenses, loans, loans, dependents, etc. In general, loan companies send cash to the customer’s account within 24 hours.

List of loans as proof

List of loans as proof

Every year new offers of non-bank loans appear on the Internet. Just a few years ago, the maximum amount you could apply for in the parabank was USD 3,000. As of today, the vast majority of non-banking institutions offer much higher amounts of payday loans, not counting those offered in installments. Evidence loans are ideal for those looking for quick cash. Currently, we will handle all formalities related to payday loans online and without income certificates. In addition, proof loans have the same advantages:

  • limited formalities – you usually receive cash without additional certificates, eg about income, and often you do not have to sign a written contract;
  • availability – you can apply for a loan both at the branch of a given non-bank company, as well as via the Internet, telephone or even by sending an SMS;
  • any purpose – you can spend money for any purpose and you don’t have to inform the loan company about it;
  • range of amounts – by applying for a loan as proof without certificates, you can receive from several hundred dollars to even several or several thousand dollars;
  • lower costs – loans for proof alone without certificates, paid back within the prescribed period, can be cheaper than loans, and their APRC (current annual interest rate) is often 0%.

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